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Leveraging research to improve your workplace

About Dr. Lauer

Dr. AJ Lauer is the founder of Thriving Ibis Leadership Solutions. She is an expert on diversity and leadership in computing. Dr. Lauer weaves together personal stories and well-researched actionable ideas into experiences that are sure to educate, entertain, and inspire your audience.
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Featured topics


Befriending your Imposter Monster

Introducing your Imposter Monster! This research-supported method encourages participants to think of imposter feelings as a result of their environment rather than something that is wrong with them. The result is a healthier perspective on imposter feelings, decreased stress in situations that were previously difficult, and an improved ability to do brave things. ​You'll meet your Imposter Monster, and we'll discuss ways to turn them from a whisper that makes you feel small to a champion who helps you do hard things.


Coaching for Employee Success

Coaching is a proven method to increase employee retention, engagement, and productivity. In Coaching for Employee Success, Dr. Lauer teaches essential coaching skills. Attendees will leave with an understanding of how to leverage these skills to help their teams thrive. Available as 1 hour introductory talk or 8 hour training.


Communicating about Diversity and Inclusion

This highly-interactive virtual workshop series includes four 90 minute trainings. Each training covers a diversity topic and communication skill. Participants in the program will be equipped with the following: a basic understanding of the concepts of privilege, gender, and race within the US context; and improved listening skills and understanding of how to use curiosity and coaching questions to drive learning about DEI.

AJ's outstanding presentation at our Women in Business group has left a lasting impression.  We've received favorable feedback from several attendees, highlighting their engagement, which is fantastic.

Leslie Espinoza

Executive Director, Superior CO Chamber of Commerce

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