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Leadership Circles

Leadership Circles are tailored leadership development experiences for small groups (12 or fewer individuals). Content is based on a pre-survey that participants complete at registration.


Circles can be held at companies or organizations, or you can join an open Circle. Sponsored circles can be offered in person for companies located in the Denver-Boulder corridor, or online for other locations. Open Circles are for anyone who wants to join and are offered every semester.


Please contact us if you are interested in a Circle for your company, or join our email list to be notified about registration for the next Open Circle!

Enrollment closed: Spring 2024 Gender Minorities in STEM (GeMS) Leadership Circle

Are you an early or mid-career woman, trans*, or non-binary individual who is looking to develop your leadership skills?

Are you looking to form a trusted circle of other science and technology leaders to use as a sounding board as you progress through your career?

The GeMS Leadership Circle is for you! (Next virtual cohort starts February 7, 2024)

Being in the gender minority in STEM can be hard.

It can be challenging to find your people.

Leaders often don't look like you.

When you follow advice for professional advancement it sometimes backfires.

The systems put in place in the workplace don't take your needs into account.

Heck, you're often the only non-cis-male in the room.

It's exhausting.

You want to see yourself reflected in other leaders' faces, to advance your career in a way that works for who you are, to spend time with people who understand your needs. 


You need to spend time developing your career in a space that is made for you.

You need a Circle made up of other people who are gender minorities in STEM. Because we get it.

You need:

1. A professional development experience that is tailored to you and your needs.

2. A community of other gender minority folks to learn from and with.

3. Professional advancement advice that actually works.

4. A plan. Made by you, for you, with support from awesome people.

5. Champions in your workplace and beyond who understand how you're trying to grow, and are excited to help you do it.

Welcome to the Gender Minorities in STEM (GeMS) Leadership Circle!

Andrea Enger Photography_AJ Lauers Sneak Peek-19.jpg

Our Spring 2024 Leadership Circle will bring together a small group of people who are gender minorities in STEM to have facilitated discussions on topics that are important to them as leaders (or developing leaders!).


GeMS is not a deficit-mindset program. We won't be seeking to 'fix' anyone or change them to fit within the system.


We're looking for awesome people to support one another, set and achieve goals, and have real conversations about what being a leader in STEM means for us.

The experience

How does this actually work?

Before the Circle starts:

  • You'll fill out a survey that will ask about your areas of interest, your professional goals and experiences, and names of two people that you work with regularly who will help you assess your growth. 

  • Dr. Lauer will design a training series tailored to the needs of the Circle based on the survey results.

  • You'll schedule your first 1:1 meeting with Dr. Lauer.

During the Circle:

  • You'll create your leadership development plan and two skills you want to specifically work on during the Circle.

  • You will connect with your supportive colleagues to get feedback on your progress with those skills. Don't stress! We'll teach you how.

  • The Circle will meet on Zoom every other week or so to check in and learn together. Possible topics could include: Befriending your Imposter Monster; Managing workplace conflict; or Handling microaggressions in the workplace.

  • Each meeting will include about 30 minutes of pre-reading or pre-work. 

  • We will check in between sessions on our private LinkedIn group.

  • You will have two 1:1 leadership development conversations with Dr. Lauer.

  • We'll set goals, cheer one another on, and develop lasting relationships.

After the Circle:

  • We'll keep cheering one another on!

  • Dr. Lauer will continue providing new content in the LinkedIn group.

  • Your Circle will get broader as each new cohort joins the LinkedIn group.

For less than the cost of attending a conference you get:


  • 12 weeks of leadership development specifically tailored to your needs and goals

  • 6 facilitated conversations with other highly-motivated STEM leaders.

  • A tailored workbook based on your cohort's discussion topics

  • 2 1:1 leadership coaching sessions with Dr. AJ Lauer

  • Membership in a private LinkedIn group populated only by Leadership Circle attendees and alumni

  • Access to a tight-knit group of other STEM professionals who are excited about supporting you on your career path!




February 7, 2024: 11:00am-12:30pm MST / 1:00-2:30pm EST - Introduction and goal setting for our time together

Week of February 12: one-on-one meetings with AJ

February 21, March 6 & 20, April 3: 11:00am-12:00pm Mountain time / 1:00-2:00pm Eastern (dates may shift a bit to accommodate Spring Breaks) - Leadership topics chosen by the cohort

Week of April 15: one-on-one meetings with AJ

April 24: 11:00am-12:30pm MDT / 1:00-2:30pm EDT - Celebration, wrap-up, and goal setting for the future


Please sign up for our newsletter to be notified of the next open registration period!

Registration for the Spring 2024 GeMS Leadership Circle is limited to 12 participants


The registration fee is $2,500.

Late registration fee will be $3,000 starting January 10, 2024.

Registration closes at 5pm MST on January 24, 2024.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Due to the highly personalized, small cohort, and seasonal nature of this experience, our refund policy is:

  • Full refund within two weeks of registration, prior to December 15.

  • After December 15, 50% refund.

  • No refunds will be offered after January 16.



A slightly-wobbly video in which Dr. Lauer answers the top 5 frequently asked questions about GeMS.

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